What Causes Enlarged Facial Pores and How Can You Fix Them?

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Even the moon has craters, but a few large pores on your face can ruin your whole beautiful image. You can continue to put concealer on them, but it would be much more productive to get rid of them with the help of procedures. Here are a few things you need to know about large pores to fix them.

What Causes Enlarged Facial Pores?

The skin surface of every person contains pores that produce natural oils that retain moisture in the skin. If the sebaceous glands begin to produce too much oil, this leads to the pore enlargement.

Sebaceous glands can go into overdrive mode due to excessive exposure to sunlight, stress, poor nutrition, and comedogenic cosmetics. In addition, a decrease in skin elasticity also affects pore enlargement. Over the years, the natural collagen production decreases, and your skin loses its elasticity, which needs to be maintained with additional supplements.

Another factor affecting the pore enlargement, which cannot be controlled, is genetics. But even if you can’t affect your heredity, you can still take control of the pore size.

• Watch the Diet

The diet you stick to seriously affects the activity of the sebaceous glands in both a positive and negative way. Beauticians recommend reducing consumption of carbohydrates and foods with sugar, as they increase the sebum production. Your diet should also contain spices and herbs, for example, oregano, cinnamon, garlic, ginger, and cloves because they affect collagen production. In addition, regular consumption of green tea, fresh vegetables, and fish helps not only shrink the pores but even get rid of acne.

• Do Not Forget about the Deep Cleansing

Enlarged pores accumulate residues of cosmetics, dirt and other cells that easily lead to inflammation on the skin. You should thoroughly clean and moisturize the skin so that it remains healthy and the pores do not enlarge. As the main ingredients, choose products with acids and forget about scrubs forever. Use sunscreen daily, even if it is cloudy outside, to avoid collagen damage in the cells.

• Apply Exfoliants

Use gel exfoliants to exfoliate cellular debris that blocks pores and stimulates the production of skin oils. Apply them no more than twice a week, and then be sure to use a tonic to normalize the acidity of the skin.

• Pay Attention to the Ingredients of the Cosmetics You Choose

If make-up is an important part of your life, make sure that you use non-comedogenic products that clog your pores. Choose products with zinc sulfate, niacinamide, biotin, and caffeine that control sweat production. Avoid products containing alcohol, mineral oil, or talc because they clog pores.

• Do Not Forget to Moisturize

The fact that you have oily skin means that you absolutely cannot skip the stage of additional moisturizing. Special creams allow you to soften the skin, so the produced oils will work inside the epidermis, not becoming the root cause or enlarged pores.

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